Hutch Heating & Cooling Inc. offers fast, friendly and professional service. We also offer fall and spring checks to give you peace of mind that your furnace and air conditioner is running safely and efficiently.

Scheduled Maintenance Programs

  The lifespan of your equipment can be increased greatly with properly maintained equipment.   Even the highest rated efficiency equipment will not operate cheaply unless it is clean and checked.

By maintaining your equipment you can prevent breakdowns, lower operating costs and increase the life span.
Call today, and give yourself the peace of mind that comes with having your equipment checked and maintained.

System Replacement and Installation

   Hutch Heating & Cooling Inc. will properly design, size, seal and install your system so that your new equipment will operate at its peak efficiency. If your building a new home then make sure you pay as much attention to the HVAC equipment as you would the kitchen. The right equipment can save you tens of thousands of dollars over its life span. By adding zoning equipment you can keep your home a constant temperature throughout the home.

Commercial Services

   Hutch Heating & Cooling Inc. offers services ranging from new construction installations to remodeling retrofits and maintenance programs for churches, restaurants, retail stores, office buildings and long term nursing care. Please call us today, if you have any questions or if you have a project you would like us to design or bid. All of our estimates are free, so don’t wait any longer to make your life more comfortable and affordable.
We look forward to working with you on all your HVAC needs.

Spring Air Conditioner maintenance

Refrigerant pressures check
Operating controls checked and cleaned
Lubricate all moving parts
Check amperage draws on electrical components
Blow out condensate drain
Tighten electrical connections
Check temperature drop
Clean condenser coil
Calibrate thermostat
Change/Clean air filter

Air Filters will be an additional cost if you do not supply one.

Fall Furnace/Heat Pump maintenance

Check/Clean air flow components (blower, belt, bearings)
Check/Clean ignition components (burners, igniters, gas valves)
Check pressures
Check/Clean heat exchanger
Check/Clean safety Controls (limits, rollouts, sensors)
Check electrical component amperage
Lubricate all moving parts
Check temperature rise
Calibrate thermostat
Check/Clean flue and combustion products
Check/Clean air filter

Air Filters will be an additional cost if you do not supply one.